Swipelux in a Year 2021 & 2022

3 min readDec 30, 2021


The year 2021 was the year when we established the company Swipelux with the vision of making the entry point to the crypto world as easy to purchase any kind of item on the internet- with just a few clicks without any friction.

The Year 2021

  • We have extended our team from 3 founding team members: CEO, COO, CTO to 10 team members! Compliance Officer, Risk Manager, 2x Backend developer, Front-end developer, DevOps.
  • We have partnered with an amazing companies and clients! Like Peculium, Lockness.
  • We have attended Web Summit, @Chaincamp, Finweek, and other conferences all around the world.
Filip Kollert- Co-founder and COO at Conference at Binance stand
Filip Kollert- Co-founder and COO at Conference at Binance stand
  • We have extended the option of crypto purchases inside of our fiat-on ramp widget.
  • We have developed an admin panel for our partners, we have developed an option to completely adjust the UX/UI of the widget to unique flow.
admin panel for our partners
admin panel for our partners
  • We have extended our banking partner so our coverage is a lot larger

It was an amazing year for us and we are really grateful for all the team members and partners that we have! Thank you!

We are at the start of an exciting growth period in 2022 where Blockchain games along with NFTs and DeFi in hand with Swipelux, will go mainstream.

We look forward to making the entry point to this incredible industry of crypto projects easier and letting people all around interact with the crypto space in the most convenient way!

The year 2022:


  • Integrate decentralized wallets (already in Beta)
  • Enable the option to list NFTs into our widget (already in Beta)
  • Enable the option to list more tokens into our widget (already in Beta)
  • Off-Ramp
  • Direct integration of Solana, Polygon, BSC, and other networks
  • Have a Global coverage
  • Enable more payment methods
  • Improve conversion rates for card processing
  • Improve and admin panel for our Partners
  • Grow our Amazing team to 30 people

Follow us:
If you want to integrate our widget- please write us an inquiry to f@swipelux.com
If you want to list your token into our widget, fill the application form: Here
If you want to be part of a Swipelux team, send us your CV at info@swipelux.com

Let’s build an amazing future together!

Filip Kollert
Co-founder of Swipelux




Swipelux is a payment gateway widget, that enables the end-user to buy crypto using their credit/debit card.