How to create your own NFT project from scratch?

4 min readJan 18, 2022



NFTs are taking the mainstream approach in crypto space and finally finding their home in industries like Metaverse, Blockchain game, Art museum, etc…

How are NFTs created how they are distributed and how does the marketing work?

If you don't know what is NFT, check this article where we are describing it:

Let's divide this article into several parts:

  1. Creating the idea of the project Dr Mehmet Yildiz
  2. Design of NFTs Fabricio Teixeira
  3. Marketing of the project Richard Yao
  4. Minting NFTs Crypto Futurist
  5. Creating a website
  6. Distribution of NFTs Blockchain Game Alliance

1. Creating the idea of the project:

You need an idea that resonates with people. You should create an idea that would allow you to apply it to hundreds of images. For example:


They needed to be a collection of misfits and non-conformists,’ they explain. ‘The London punk movement of the 1970s felt like the right aesthetic.’


2. Design of NFTs

You have several options here with Free/ Paid software for design/ drawing. The most common practice is Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop

You want to have your NFTs look as natural as possible, so be really careful about the layers that you are going to put on with NFTs.

3. Marketing

You need to have a telegram channel, Twitter channel, Discord channel. You should also register your project to NFTCalendar and Disboard. Marketing is critical for your NFT projects. 99% of NFT projects are spending a lot of time, effort, and money on it.

3.1. Giveaways

You will most probably use your social media to let your fans know about the giveaways. Most of the projects are placing giveaways for each social platform by itself, some for Discord, some for Twitter, some for Telegram, etc… With this approach, you will be capable of doing cross-marketing across all your media channels.

3.2. Creating your Discords server

Your fans are expecting a community and a home of the NFT project, they want to interact with each other. The goal is to create a cozy place.

4. Minting

You need a server to generate your artwork and metadata. Most of the project is using the HashLips Art Engine

4.1. Storing Metadata and Artworks

You ideally need to store them on-chain. If you choose to store them off-chain you shall use IFPS.

If you don't know how wallets works, feel free to check this article:

5. Creating a website

You shall create a not static website. It is called dApp which allows you to access and write your smart contracts along with mint NFTs. Connecting a Metamask to the website should be easy as well with their great documentation.

6. Distribution

There are many great projects that have already published NFTs and published their smart contract so it is not needed that you will write a smart contract from scratch. Most of them are on PolygonScan or Etherscan

6.1. Setting up an OpenSea account

You shall reserve some NFTs to Airdrops, Internal team, Giveaways,… before selling your NFTs on OpenSea.

Go to OpenSea, connect your crypto wallet, and upload your collection. You can adjust the UX/UI on your own with description, logo, links, royalties, etc...

6.2. Easier distribution

Since NFTs are starting to gain interest in Non-Crypto people and it is almost a bigger Buzzword than a Bitcoin you have to consider that the first entry point to the crypto world with all the MetaMask, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, registration at different exchanges will be big friction for beginners. That is where:

Fiat On-Ramp takes a place

This is how the average Non-crypto person is buying NFTs today:

How to buy NFT today.

If you are interested in buying NFT, most of the marketplaces do not have any kind of convenient option to buy it in case you do not own any crypto. You have to go to a different exchange, register there, pass KYC, send fiat there buy crypto, create and connect Metamask and then you can come back to the NFT marketplace and buy your NFT.

This is a flow that we have at the Swipelux widget:

This solution is targeting and helping with Mass adoption to crypto-space. Buying NFTs with the Swipelux widget is super easy!

We are fiat on-ramp. We have developed a tool for how to buy the NFTs with fiat using a credit/debit card. We could integrate this widget into any NFT platform, so anyone will be able to buy NFTs directly on the NFTs marketplace using Visa/Mastercard.

Let’s build an amazing future together!

Filip Kollert
Co-founder of Swipelux




Swipelux is a payment gateway widget, that enables the end-user to buy crypto using his credit/debit card.